An important message from DK Bicycles

An important message from DK Bicycles - DK Bicycles

A wake-up call is sounding in America.
We’ve heard it loud and clear.
BMX is a small space.
There’s no room for racism. 

There is no perfect right thing to say.
But there’s clearly a right thing to do.
Effective today DK is discontinuing all General Lee model bikes.
We won’t stop listening and learning.
Thanks for sounding the alarm.


  • Mark

    Pretty stupid to remove a bike based on the car from a TV show. Its up to you to read way too into it, and get mad because of its name. Regardless, HE WAS STILL AN AMERICAN. If you’re that hypersensitive to be upset over a bicycle, you have other issues going on. It only makes me want to buy one of the general lee’s more. Social justice needs to die, and people shouldn’t get upset over a bicycle.

  • beetle J

    Your General Lee frame had nothing to do with racism. Stop with the pandering to people outside of the bmx community. The general lee was ridden by Latino and black bikers back in the 90s and their was no hurt feelings or racism. It’s not even relevant everyone loved that bike because it was built right. What the hell happened to common sense? Your brand sucks now. China made junk bikes. F*#k you DK!

  • Peter Gauss

    One of my hesitations with ordering the 2021 Vega was the history of the DK GL. This is such great news. Can’t wait for the Vegas to ship!

  • Craig Hoffman

    Solid✊✊🏽✊🏿. Of course there is going to be hate there always will be but y’all making this move out of solidarity is refreshing. I still have a what I believe is a 1997 General Lee it was given to me and sat as just a frame for a long time, just last year I fixed it all up removed all of the stickers and the friend that gave me the frame had also given me some Confederate valve covers and I chose to not put them on out of solidarity for our black communities. It’s time for us to move forward and unite.

  • Matt Barton

    Great call. Keep moving forward!

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