Name: Drew Bezanson  
Hometown:  Truro, N.S. Canada
Currently Residing: Stouffville, ON Canada
Years Riding: I’ve been riding for 16 years now.  
Hobbies outside BMX: My hobbies outside of BMX are MX, MTB, Snowboarding, cliff jumping, road bike riding, and juggling.  
Current DK Setup:  DK V3 Team frame, DK RTV2 forks, DK Worthy bars, DK Social cranks, DK Khan 28t sprocket, DK Blender pedals.  
One thing you can’t live without (besides your bike): I couldn’t live without family.  
Favorite place to travel: My Favorite place to travel is home to Nova Scotia.    
First memory of BMX: My first memory of BMX was building a little jump in my moms garden. Hitting the same small mound of dirt for hours and hours.   
Favorite Quote/Words To Live By: Don’t count the days, make the days count’ Muhammad Ali