Factory Team Rider / Carly Kane

DK Bicycles — Carly Kane

First BMX memory?
Eight years ago I went to the track to the first time. I was on a Scott mountain bike, and I remember not being able to make it up the first jump. I rolled backwards down the lip and fell, but I got back up and made it up a couple tries later with the help of my dad.

First track?
Cleves BMX in Cleves, Ohio.

Home track now?
I don’t really have a home track because my closest place to ride is an hour and a half away, but I ride at Derby City BMX in Louisville, Kentucky the most. I also have two straights in my side yard that I mess around on a lot.

Preferred training practices?
Sprints and the gym is great, but I just like riding my bike. Anywhere and everywhere.

Favorite type of riding when you’re not at the race track?
Racing is obviously my main thing, but I’d really like to start racing some downhill too.

How do you feel about riding for DK?
Stoked. Like, really stoked. Everyone involved with the company is so rad, and the brand itself is iconic. When I signed with them my cheeks hurt so badly because I was smiling for a solid three days, literally.

Current bike setup?
DK Professional V2 frame, pro size.

Goals for the next year or two?
I want to get my Junior Elite license so that I can begin racing World Cups.

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