Name:  Spencer Cole
Currently Residing: Palm Harbor, Florida  
Years Riding:  9 years
Hobbies outside BMX:  Jumping trails, playing soccer and hanging with my friends.
Current DK Setup: DK XL V2 frame with Answer, Box and Profile parts 
One thing you can’t live without (besides your bike): My phone.  I'm addicted to social media...haha 
Favorite place to travel: Tulsa, OK.  Grands is always such a cool experience seeing everyone come together for the biggest race of the year.   
First memory of BMX: My first BMX memory has to be 2010 at both ABA and NBL Grands.  It was my first year doing both and I won both of them...6 titles overall for that year.   
Favorite Quote/Words To Live By: "Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving" - Albert Einstein