Team Rider: Collin Hudson

Factory DK Rider Collin Hudson

First BMX memory?
My first BMX memory was going out to the track and trying to get around it. I probably crashed 10 to 15 times before I completed a whole lap. I remember being so frustrated and confused as to why I was not able to “just ride my bike around the track”.

First track?
My first BMX track was Longmont BMX ing Longmont, Colorado. It was an NBL track.

Home track now?
My home track now bounces between Dacono BMX and Grand Valley BMX, depending on if I’m at school or my parents house.

Preferred training practices?
Training for me is hard. Obviously I love to do the work and get faster on my bike, but I just enjoy riding my bike so much that I end up riding way more than I should, and it becomes just riding instead of training.

Favorite type of riding when you're not at the race track?
My favorite type of riding when I’m not on the track is definitely trail riding (or enduro riding), as well as dirt jumping. Dirt jumping never gets old, and I love the thrill of going 30+ MPH through fast rocks and corners on the big bike.

How do you feel about riding for DK?
Riding for DK is a big dream come true. Growing up I saw that Barry Nobles was on DK, and he was by far my favorite pro. I thought that DK had this image of not only being one of the coolest race teams, but one that was actually there because they wanted to be there, instead of chasing points. Being on DK allows for me to have a good time at the races, and take it as seriously as I want to (while giving it 100% of course). It’s funny, I was actually I the middle of an off year when DK and I came to an agreement, and they completely brought back my love for BMX racing. I guess all summed up, I couldn’t ask for better support from a better company. I love all my teammates, and appreciate every second of work put in by all the guys making the program happen.

Current bike setup(s)?
My BMX Bike set up is as follows: 

  • DK Professional V2 frame, XXL
  • DK Eight.Six bars in chrome
  • Box forks, cranks, BB, rims, and brakes, all black
  • Onyx matte black hubs, front and rear, 15 and 20 mm
  • KMC Oil Slick chain
  • HT X2 Pedals in matte gray
  • Tioga Original Power Blocks, 20 x 1.75” front and rear
  • ODI Cross Trainer grips, black with gray lockers

Goals for the next year or two?
My number one goal for the next year actually does not entirely include cycling at all. I want to finish my college degree, so that I can continue racing full time. I took a “step-back” from racing over the last 18 months so that I could really push to finish getting my bachelors in Business Marketing. Finishing school is one of the most important things to me, and I’m only about two semesters away from doing so!

On the cycling side of things, I would really like to make my Elite BMX debut successful. I will be returning to BMX at the Minnesota National, and would like to finish the season off strong with some main event finishes in the Elite category. I will pair the rest of the 2018 season with some downhill racing, and would like to make a couple podiums at the remaining GRT stops of the season.

Post graduation, with my focus becoming 100% cycling based again, I would like to chase the American Pro Series title, as well as the World Cup overall title. If all goes well, I’d ultimately like to call myself an Olympian in 2020 and have a rainbow jersey in the next few years, as I just missed out on one (two years in a row) in my junior career.

You also serve as a member of DK's sister brand, Airborne Bicycles. Does mountain bike riding make you better at BMX? Or does BMX make you better on an MTB?
Riding a mountain bike I feel compliments my BMX racing in many ways. I can tell my endurance is the highest it has ever been, and it brings me more confidence in my ability to trust myself on the Bmx bike. It’s much more difficult to corner on a mountain bike, so that really helps with track ability on the BMX bike. On the flip side, having a BMX background allows me to enjoy all of the different disciplines that mountain biking has to offer. If I had to tell a new kid to the sport one thing, it would be ride everything possible in all different wheel sizes. I believe that will help grow not only the athlete, but the sports as a whole.

Where can people find you on social media?
You can reach me on social media @collinhudson195 on all three of my accounts, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Feel free to hit me up and tell me where you’re riding! Or if you just wanna have a chat. I love meeting new people and hearing all different life stories.

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