Team Rider: Heather Munive

Factory DK's Heather Munive

First BMX memory?
It was when I was 10 years old that I went to Ecuador and watched my cousins race BMX all summer long. As soon as I got back to Florida the first thing I asked my Dad was for a BMX race bike. We ended up getting my very own bike, we also got a blue and black Answer kit, with a matching Odyssey full face, and some fresh Airwalks. I was race ready! I remember that day like it was yesterday, I raced every local race there was, unfortunately, later on in the year I broke my arm and stopped riding. I played soccer all through college and got back on a race bike in my early 20’s. It’s never too late to start racing!

First track?
Coral Springs BMX track out in Florida.

Home track now?
Chula Vista BMX track in California.

Preferred training practices?
For BMX I love a good gates night. They call it horsepower hour at Chula Vista BMX on Tuesday nights.

Favorite type of riding when you're not at the race track?
Mountain biking, enduro, and downhill riding!

How do you feel about riding for DK?
I love being a part of the DK family, I am a big fan of the bike itself. Riding for a brand that I actually trust in and feel comfortable on is a big plus!

Current bike setup or setups?
I currently run a DK Professional Pro XL frame. Box Components: 172.5 cranks, 8” handlebars, brakes, seat, rims, 44/16 gearing, and tires (rear 1.60” and front 1.75”). Onyx Racing Hubs. HT Component clipless pedals. AG1 ODI Grips.

You also serve as a member of DK's sister brand, Airborne MTB. Does mountain bike riding make you better at BMX? Or does BMX make you better on an MTB?
I think someone with a BMX background will generally do well on an MTB. The skill from BMX definitely makes riding a big bike seem easier and fun.

Goals for the next year or two?
My goal for the next year in BMX would be to participate in the 2019 World Championships, make the main event, and win! In MTB, my goals are to get top-5 in the National DH series, continue racing enduro, and podium at each race. My ultimate goal would be to compete at the World Cup level for DH as well.

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