Factory Team Rider / Jeremy Smith

DK Bicycles — Jeremy Smith

Jeremy, welcome back to the DK team! You have the distinction of being a two-time member of the factory squad. How are you feeling about it?
It feels so awesome to be back with DK! I’m super excited to be working with such an iconic brand and I can’t wait to see what we can do together.

Your brother Josh is now the DK race team manager. Growing up with him as your BMX partner-in-good-times, what are your thoughts about being in the van/pits/hotel and everything else with him again?
It doesn’t get much better than being back on the same team as my big brother. We’ve almost always been on the same team, but these past five or six years we’ve had different sponsors. Even though we weren’t teammates we still tried to plan races together. I think now that we’re back on the same team we will travel together more and continue making BMX memories. I'm pumped.

How did you discover BMX?
From my older brother Josh and my dad.

When and where was your first race?
I’m pretty sure it was mid-summer 1999 at Delco Park in Kettering, Ohio.

You’re a Dayton local, but you’re calling Florida home these days. What was the motivation to relocate to FLA?
It wasn’t easy leaving Dayton. There are so many good riders and I still consider it home, but racing Pro you need to be dialed on the Supercross BMX tracks. Here in Florida there are two awesome SX tracks within an hour of each other. Not to mention I can ride year-around as well.

What’s your day-to-day like?
I usually wake up between 7-8AM, eat some breakfast and start getting my things together for whatever training I have that day. If its a rare day and I have no training, then I’m on my computer editing or doing some video/photography for Corsa Racewear. I'm usually always doing something BMX related whether its training, riding, coaching, cleaning my bike or making a BMX video.

What’s your training schedule?
My coach Domingos Lammoglia sends me a week to week schedule, It’s nice waking up and already knowing what I need to do for me to get faster. Training is usually two times a day, one session in the morning and one in the evening.

Favorite type of riding when you’re not at the track?
Trail jumps for sure! I love digging and riding trails.

What’s your single-most favorite aspect of BMX?
Yeeeeww, that’s a hard question! So many things come to mind. I would have to say being able to travel and ride all different kinds of tracks.

Current bike setup:
• DK Zenith Disc XXXX (22.5”)
• BOX forks and cranks (180mm)
• Stay Strong 64 bars
• Avian stem (50mm)
• SD hubs and carbon rims
• Renen sprocket
• HT clip pedals
• Avian seat post and clamp

Goals for the new year?
Make the Olympic team. Be in contention for the USA BMX title. Build a BMX training compound in Florida. 10k subscribers on YouTube.

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