Name:  Alex Leo Landeros
Hometown:  Wheaton IL 
Currently Residing:   Huntington Beach, California
Years Riding:  11
Hobbies outside BMX:  Snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, spearfishing, hiking, camping, backpacking, motorcycles, and traveling. 
Current DK Setup:  Chrome, Team V3 Frame, Social cranks, Rtv2 forks, and Worthy bars, all rose gold.  Best looking and feeling bike I've rode to date!
One thing you can’t live without (besides your bike):  The Ocean
Favorite place to travel:   Thailand
First memory of BMX:  The first bmx video I ever saw was GT dead sailor.  That movie turned me on to the Radness of bmx and made me go get my first bmx bike, a Gary Fischer.      
Favorite Quote/Words To Live By: "Why Not" Because most people make excuses for themselves that hold them back in life, that they themselves really don'teven mean to make. So when an opportunity presents itself, take a moment and ask yourself, "Why not?"