Going Somewhere? New DK Golf Bike Bag Colors Available Now

Going Somewhere? New DK Golf Bike Bag Colors Available Now - DK Bicycles

Originally developed in 2008, the “golf” bag was inspired by an actual bag for golf clubs, but there’s much more than that. Inside the bag there is a plastic base layer to keep the sharpest points of your bike from protruding. For addition security there are straps and flaps to secure your bike and further protect it as it gets tossed around by the luggage carriers and taxi drivers on your next trip.

There are padded exterior pockets for smaller parts and basic travel essentials, too. A handle on the topside makes it easy to pull the bag along on its wheels from your car to check-in. It’s an ingenious design that makes traveling with your bike easy and infinitely less stressful. If you plan your tools efficiently, you can easily add your helmet and pads in the bag while still keeping it under the airline tipping point of 50 pounds.

New DK Golf Bike Travel Bag Colors Available Now

The design of this bag hasn’t really changed in eleven years because it just works. We’ve made cosmetic changes along the way, and for this round of bags we updated the colors, materials, and embroidery. Available now in sand, camo, black, and silver.

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