Kai Sakakibara: One Year After The Crash

Kai Sakakibara: One Year After The Crash

In February 2020, Kai Sakakibara was competing at the highest level of professional BMX racing when he crashed while battling for the lead position. Kai suffered a life-threatening head injury, ending his racing career and essentially turning his life upside-down. With the help of great medical team and the ongoing support of his family and fans, Kai has repeatedly overcome the odds on his road to recovery. Here’s a statement from Kai, one year after the crash:

“My goals have changed… 1 year ago today my dream of winning an Olympic Gold medal disappeared in an instant. From that point, it was the beginning of a journey to find myself again, to redefine who I am, and get back on my feet. It has been tough, and every day I really miss riding my bike. However, my approach to the universe has not changed — always tackle everything with 100% effort. The people around me and the support of you all has helped me do this over the past year.

Today marks exactly 1 year into my new life. New goals, new dreams, new focus. Let’s goooooo!”

The BMX family shares their support for Kai on social media with the hash tag: #kaifight77

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