Limited Edition General Lee “Maximum Steel” Now Available

Limited Edition General Lee “Maximum Steel” Now Available - DK Bicycles

The Limited Edition General Lee is named after the Maximum Steel metallic paint offered on the Dodge Charger. The Charger inspired DK bike is color matched to Mopar’s Maximum Steel and truly limited with less than 100 bikes of each wheel size built Worldwide. Available in both 20” and 22” wheel sizes, while supplies last.

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  • Patrick Star

    I got mine in the mail today this thing is wicked thanks DK I had a General lee back in the day also I loved it I had no clue these were a limited production so I have one of 100 20 inch super stoked thanks for being a rad company for so many years

  • Alexander

    cool color owned 1 like 20 years ago cracked the top wish bone street riding orange was my color max steel color cooler nice ride to have today in life I think kids are aliens with seats so low, hah ha aha ha cool to see the changes and happy anniversary later just another rider that won’t grow up “peace out god bless” !!

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