Factory Team Rider / Dane Beardsley

DK Bicycles — Dane Beardsley

What's your origin story? How did you become a BMX rider?
I found a BMX Plus! magazine on the floor in the hallway on the last day of seventh grade. My friend Justin and I started building dirt jumps and jumping our crappy bikes after checking out the magazine. I was hooked on freestyle BMX right away.

Who or what led you to your chosen riding path?
The first time I rode flatland with Leif Valin I was amazed. Not only at his unique tricks and style, but the way he practiced. That had a lasting impact on me for sure.

What is your favorite type of riding or terrain now?
Flatland and dirt jumps.

What is your current bike setup(s)?
Flatland: DK Team Frame 20.5, DK Eight Six Bar, Vintage DK Alpha Stem, DK Social Cranks, Vintage DK Orbit Rims, Tsuka Grips. Dirt/Ramp/Street: DK Team Frame 21, DK Worthy Handelbars, Vintage DK Alpha Stem, DK Social Cranks (first batch), Vintage DK Orbit Rims, Vintage DK Alpha Hubs, Tsuka Grips.

Who are your BMX influences?
All my friends that I've ever ridden with.

Where can people finding you riding most days?
Empty paved areas near and far or in the air in my back yard.

Thoughts on riding for DK?
They've supported my riding for a really long time. I love everyone at the company for their support and friendship for so long. Can't imagine riding anything else.

Projects in the works?
Always working on the next video part. The ideas are in my head but it will just take months of work to make them happen.

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