Factory Team Rider / Marcus Christopher

DK Bicycles — Marcus Christopher

How’d you end up riding for DK?
I guess you can say I had multiple people pulling for me to get promoted to a pro team and to support my style of riding. DK’s desire to do that and — with them being based in my home state of Ohio — it seemed like the perfect fit.

How does the new bike feel? 
The new bike feels great! We had Paul Rad up at Ray’s MTB build it up the day I got it. I’ve gotten to ride it at Rays twice and once at the DK warehouse so far, which was a blast!

Any big changes to your bike besides the frame and fork?
I’m riding a little bigger top tube and chainstay than before. I adjust pretty easily to new specs, so it hasn’t been an issue. I have already starting working with DK and have some cool plans for future development! Although I’m not a weight-weenie, my bike is now about a pound lighter.

What's on your agenda for 2019?
I leave for Austria on the 11th to ride in Masters of Dirt. This will be my fourth year being invited to Vienna and it's always a blast! I then want to concentrate on progressing as much as possible on the bike and finish up my sophomore year at school.

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