Factory Team Rider / Tommy Zula

DK Bicycles — Tommy Zula

First BMX memory?
My first BMX memory was going to the track for the first time.

First track?
Brookville BMX.

Home track now?
Kettering BMX (Delco Park).

Preferred training practices?
My preferred training practices are at the SX track or the trails.

Favorite type of riding when you're not at the race track?
When I’m not at the race track I’m either in the woods ramping some dirt jumps or thrashing some corners on the mountain bike.

How do you feel about riding for DK?
Riding for DK Bicycles is a dream come true. Being raised in Dayton, Ohio, there’s only one brand of bike you hear about and that’s DK.

Current bike setup?
My current race bike is a grey DK Professional V2, chrome 8.6 DK bars, Onyx hubs, Box components, and a KMC chain to keep her rolling smooth.

You also serve as a member of DK's sister brand, Airborne MTB. Does mountain bike riding make you better at BMX? Or does BMX make you better on an MTB?
Riding for Airborne is amazing. I love having the options of what bike I’m going to ride that day. Keeps it exciting! I would have to say that BMX gives you the fundamentals to be able to ride anything.

Goals for the next year or two?
Goals for the future would be to keep having as much fun as possible, pushing myself, and inspiring other kids to go ride bikes.

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