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DK Bicycles — Vinny Mannino

What's your origin story? How did you become a BMX rider?
It all started when I was 8 years old and got invited to a birthday party for one of my neighbors at the race track. That day, my parents agreed to sign me up and I began racing, then started riding freestyle about a year later. As time went on, my love for freestyle started to surpass my love for racing. I was racing for one of the top factory teams at the time when I finally decided it was time to step away and focus on riding freestyle full time.

Who or what led you to your chosen riding path?
Racing definitely played a big part in the path I chose when it comes to what I like to ride. One of my earliest friends when I started racing was Scotty Cranmer. Being able to look up to him as a rider, but more importantly as a friend and role model for what I aspired to be in BMX was huge. He made riding look so fun, but at the same time made me believe that no opportunity was too big or impossible to accomplish. Getting invited to ride contests like Dew Tour and Simple Session were a dream come true for me and I owe it to Scotty for showing me that if you want something bad enough, you will work as hard as you can to achieve your goals.

What is your favorite type of riding or terrain now?
I really enjoy riding things that are big and fast! I would say riding a good set of trails would be my favorite, but living in the Northeast can sometimes make that difficult to do. I’ve really been having fun riding concrete parks lately. But I love riding skateparks and street as well. Ride everything!

What is your current bike setup?
I currently ride a DK Team V3 frame with DK Eight Six bars and DK RTV2 forks.

Who are your BMX influences?
There are so many BMX influences that have had an impact on me. If I had to pick a Top 3, it would include Scotty Cranmer, Brian Foster, and Brad Gethard.

Where can people find you riding most days?
People can find me riding most days on Scotty Cranmer’s YouTube Channel. We are constantly traveling to new skateparks around the country getting to ride with new kids. It gives us a platform to reach people who normally wouldn’t know anything about BMX, get them stoked on what we love so much, and hopefully get them to pick up a BMX bike for the first time.

Thoughts on riding for DK?
It’s awesome! I grew up idolizing riders like Chris Doyle and Robbie Miranda. I remember having the RM59 Tour come to my local track and doing a clinic with Robbie. Now to say that I represent that same brand is pretty surreal.

Projects in the works?
We are always filming for the Scotty Cranmer YouTube Channel, so you can see me in those videos daily. Otherwise, I’m just riding with my friends, traveling to new spots, and getting the world stoked on BMX!

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