Chamberlain Top Load Stem

The first ever DK BMX product was a machined aluminum stem, and the DK Chamberlain stem maintains tradition in classic style.

CNC machined 6000 series aluminum construction, classic top load configuration, and details like a center pilot bore reduce weight and maintain strength. Hardened steel Allen bolts hold it all in place, no questions asked, and the offset pinch slot creates more threads and clamping power. With 53 or 63mm offsets, there is a DK Chamberlain stem to suit every rider’s needs.


Fork Bore 1-1/8” (28.6mm)
Bar Bore 7/8” (22.2mm)
Reach 53mm or 63mm
Rise 31mm
Clamp Bolts 8 x 1.25mm (x4)
Pinch Bolts 8 x 1.25mm (x2)
Weight 13.4 oz (53mm)
14.4 oz (63mm)